Friday, October 23, 2009

These are CLUTCH!

I always carry my huge carpet bag with me wherever i go, and my friends always ask what could i possibly need that thing for.... truthfully, its a security thing... i may "need" something....
however, at night i always condense the essentials; phone, wallet, lips stick, gum, some loose change, more lipstick and whatever i think i can fit into my perfect lil clutch. when i saw this line from CLAFIN, THAYER & COMPANY, i almost ordered the entire lot. After restraining myself, i realized that i could transform my current ones into something amazing. these clutch bags are literally that, CLUTCH! they are perfect for going out at night, you can fit what you NEED (ha, key word) without lugging a big purse around knocking drinks out of peoples hands. so annoying trying to maneuver through crowds saying, "EHHH, um.... excuse me!?!" due to your monstrous bag. so ditch the purse at night and go clutch.

Photos: Courtesy of Claflin, Thayer & Co.

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