Monday, November 9, 2009

KUALA LUMPUR - bukit bintang & uptown damansara and JAKARTA - block m & kemang

KUALA LUMPUR - bukit bintang & uptown damansara

JAKARTA - block m & kemang 

How amazing is her white tee with trashed nylons and simple its hard to believe i needed to see a picture of it before i realized how cute putting those pieces together would be.
 love it for night
 and then on to the fabulous futurama inspired gray dress.
so cool with the spike ivory necklace and what appears to be VAMPIRE FANGS necklace, and huge rings, you can kinda see it behind her cig..(gross, btw). ha.
this dress is so cool, i would wear it to any special event, i.e. cousins babyshower, or a circus...(really!?!...ummm, HA!, its so trendy and fun, can be worn to any type of event)
or show, also brunch, and for dinner, dress it up with platforms and a wide studded belt.
very cute.

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