Friday, January 22, 2010

all i want is fish

now that im back to the states and settled into reality, all i want is to be sailing the bay of bengal with my boyfriend and his family. i cant stress to you enough how heavenly it was.
we ate so well, steamed fish in shoya sause, garlic and pepper prawns, cashew chicken, sweet & sour prawns, morning glory, kale in oyster sause, pinapple fried rice and 
DA DA DA DAT TA-DAH.... tom yummy goong. (see above hehe)
funny, i saved the best for last and traditionally the thai eat these dishes is reverse order starting with
 tom yum goong.
anyway, so... to stall my woahs for the meantime,
my coworker who is malaysian, (and one of the best cooks i know next to my best gurrrrrlfriend)
and i decided to make do with what we had and went fishn'

YUMMY! baked salmon with capers rosemary and lemon, also sauteed kale with bit of red pepper flakes.omg.

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