Wednesday, March 24, 2010

brows and fur

brows and fur,  browsandfur, , browsnfur, browsenfer.
sounds like a last name to me, 
the more i say it, the more it sound like a line of handbags, 
why is it?? when you say words over and over again they loose their meaning, 
and take on an entirely new being altogether. i noticed this once with "window seal"...
woah, veered off the road their ... sorry about that random tangent. 
any way. 
must die fur - tonight.

 and if anyone wants their brows to look, not as grizzly as above, but heavy and healthy.
must try
youre... ahh, gonna love it. 
youre agonnaloveit, youragonnaloveit, yuragonaloveit, yuragonaluvet,
sounds like some kind of neanderthal.  

Photos: Courtesy of and fashion copius &  senna cosmetics 

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