Friday, March 19, 2010


i have been getting the urge to find some new shiny toy guns. 
intermix always has such great finds.
add this to da list. 
how much noise do think this lil gold piece of perfection would make?
not enough?? hehe.
wellllll. ive been on hold now for over ten minutes, trying to make a reservation at 
the bestest-little-most-amazing-all-local-and-organic-gourmet-spot on the west side, 
which allowed me time to puruse my fav sites, and therefore, find this beautiful gold cuff.
lucky day, got a reservation for 4 on mon night. 
(youve got to call a week or so in advance, call that day and theyll be booked for sure)
and found my newest addition to my world.
its the weekend beeeeetches!'

Photos: Courtesy of intermix

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