Wednesday, March 3, 2010

i want to put this outfit on

and then take a lovely little stroll on a late fall morning through what seems to be a lovely little street where children are playing, city sounds are murmuring in the backround,  all while the church bell rings.
ummmm. yah. 

just need a white blazeeeeer. as well as different color knee highs. mandatory stop at aa after work today.
saw a great display in the window on main. 
now i have a reason to go.

this could easily go from work to play, with the additon of only one or two pieces .
putting on harrison pants or tucking either shirt into harem pants. or even a pretty lil' skirt... (umm helllo) would make it great for work. and youre ready to go. 
and another thing... her necklace in the second picture is a a DIY, right?
so many projects. (im still working on my black ankle booties)...
bottom line_____________she just looks great. 

 Photos: Courtesy of weardrobe


  1. I'm in love with those boots!! vintage 80s padded coat is great with those bright knee length socks! I must find similar items! Your blog is great!

  2. thank you! thestylegrabber looks great too!