Tuesday, March 23, 2010

im on a mission



finally i have found a picture of the exact boots i NEED, ha.
found these at crossroads, a consignment shop here in santa monica, a few weeks ago, 
but they were tooo narrow, 
upon my longs hrs of searching, i came across this pair, which funny enough is from a crossroads store in San Frantasticisco. 
nonetheless, im on a mission, i will find these in my size...umm... gulp!... 38
even if it takes me my entire life. 
found this pair that steve madden produces. 
the girl in the shop had them on and proceed to mention that only if i was a american size 5 1/2 like her, id have better luck finding my first love. 

not to bad, but...
my heart belongs to the original. and i refused to buy them for $130.00 and give her any commison.
god help me.

Photos: Courtesy of Steve Madden

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