Monday, April 12, 2010

be frassy

i heart leopard, just like most of us, long leopard dress made of chiffon, even better, nothing sexier than a women in a long dress, something so mysterious and alluring.
always give yourself shape with a long dress, either by belting or cinching the waist. 
and unless its really cold out, be a lady and try to show some ankle, 
like our grandmas did when our grandfathers were trying to court them.. 
for the second outfit, i love what she did with the lace biker shorts,
i have a pair from aa and ive had a really hard time matching them with anything
!?!?! UGH !?!?!
so cute with simple black skirt, going to def pair them with a flowered dress and sandals as soon as the hot summer socal sun shows its face. love the the lace top, so feminine and sexy.
please check out frassy's blog if you havent already, she has the most insightful posts and i love her reference to poetry, oh!!!!!!!!! and shes got one hell of a style-sense going on.

Photos: FRASSY

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