Thursday, April 8, 2010

Song of Style

YESterday, i came across this picture of her on weardrobe, so i followed it to her blog, songofstyle
i have to admit, fell in love with her outfit first, then her blog, 
she obviously has expensive taste, but this outfit can be easily replicated, within a reasonable budget,

1. take any old pair of jeans you already own, cut them mid thigh, with a slight upwards angle toward the outside of you leg/hip, then take sandpaper and brush across certain areas, preferably on top of the pockets. then wash in warm water, this will cause them to fray. 
roll up just once, youll have your look. 
2. go to any thrift store and buy a mens, (you dont want a womens button down, because it will be fitted, not the look you want.) button down, a size too big.
3.use any belt that you have that has a big buckle. 
4. add some gold accessories, pushed down socks, and a pair of womens brogues shoes

aldo has plenty to choose from and i must say, theyre the cutest for the least expensive that ive found, unless your one of the luckiest bitches on the planet and find some thrifty ones 
at your favorite thrift store. 

Photos: Courtesy of weardrobe


  1. i know i heart this outfit so much. so looks so classically sexy right.