Sunday, April 18, 2010

Vogue Paris May 2010

yeah quite the face and bod.
the black with gold accents bikini is my fav. something so simple and sexy about it. 
im ready for summer.
the main idea for summer is 
less is best
keep it simple with a great bikini, with a great pair of sunglasses and cutoffs, shorts, or my favorite the summer dress. 
not too much jewelry, a, as in one, necklace or ring, a few small bracelets, and no makeup!
guys and girls alike always wonder about that chic who wore makeup, or coverup (ekkkkkkk!!!!!)
 to the beach, dont fall into that unnecessary group! 
get a clue!, ummmm....HELLO!
 know that the sun is your best remedy to get rid of blemishes or little bumps. 
 just a mild suntan lotion on the face, (were still conscious about sun damage, raaagghhhht!) 
youre there to get some color on those cheeks,  SO -- you dont need makeup at night. 
why on earth would you wear makeup to the beach?!?
anywaaaays, i love these three shots of her,
really diggin the black suit and the pink one. 
maybe aa has something like the pink one...
ill let you know what i find.

Photos: Courtesy of fashion gone rogue

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