Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Lily Donaldson
 has this ideal look down to a TEE.
sometimes things come together so perfectly that all we can do is 
Look so cute!!
and let other see how great we feel. 
isnt it true!?!
a perfect outfit can literally transform your entire being. 
take you from the sullen, sulking, complaining, everything sucks state of mind and turn it into.... 
"Life is beautiful and so am I".
make us laugh and feel confident and not be afraid to be goofy or silly, simply cause we fell good about ourselves.
i know, cause its happend to me too many times. 
Thank you Good Outfits for reminding us that we are beautiful and that life is worth going out for.
hehe. i like to be corny. it makes me smile.

my landlord, a Korean man well into his golden years, shared a lil piece of advice with me yesterday:

he said, "say i have an orange, say i want to give you the orange, say you dont take the orange. who has the orange?" 

i say, "YOU DO!!"

he says, "EXACTLY, then why should it be any different with words? If someone tells you something that you dont want to receive or believe... DONT TAKE IT!! then that mean thing is still with THEM!"

he says, "ancient asian philosophy."  

Happy Tuesday! 

Photo: Courtesy of whowhatwear

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