Thursday, May 6, 2010

NY Peeeeepeeeeeer

whenever im feeling uninspired, i like to puruse the peeper section of my blog and as always NY has a way of brining me back to that place of creativity and imagination that i so often need when putting together outfits from my own closet...(gasssssssp)
layers layers layers.
its a lil heavy for my sunny LA weather, 
however the style will still surface when im putting things together. 
ill huuuummmm this lil didie while i ruffle through my closet.

boots and pants, 
with lil cardi's, and undershirts.
 no tights and no coat, 
if it happens to work,
i will give my new outfit, a brand new post.

the end.

Photos: Courtesy of nystreetpeeper

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