Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Millau & LF

 thirsting for some new summer trend reports, i can always rely on LF  to quench my thirst. 

first, let me say that i have the pleasure of driving past this store front window everyday on my way to work... can we say, blessing and a curse. ahhh! 
however, its not as if thats the only route to work... ha. O:-)
so as i checked out the site, i came across this crop Millau tank. (Look 1)


then i notice how adorably sexy the bloomer shorts from Duke and Duchess were as well ...
immediately get on the phone and called the LF store on Main in Santa Monica. 
lucky me had the pleasure of speaking with the stylist herelf, Renee. 
she is currently holding the entire outfit for me until today. (must get there by 7). 
then i realized that i havent come across these designer's name until now. 

went on the hunt and am so glad that i was able to find 
Millau fashion through an online fashion mart called Portobello Designers
 finally found Duke and Duchess... through the same Portobello Designers Site


a true hidden gem, as they call themselves. new designers and wacky boutiques all rolled in one. 

Thank Goodness all we have to do is cruise on over to LF, locations here
and find all our hidden gems in one spot.

Photos: Coutesy of LF Stores 

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