Wednesday, September 8, 2010

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first of all, these pictures completely changed my focus.  i went from staring at something we'll call uninspirational bull, to stumpling upon BLDG 25, and within seconds envisioned myself running to the place in these photos.
still bright from the sun, soft plush wing back chairs, long white curtains over windows from the ceiling to the floor, books that haven't been touched in ages... day dreams can be so real sometimes.

so with that said, i continued to peruse the fp blog, obvi.

i mean... need leopard print oversized sweater... yellA!  
i have to say i'm the BIG-ist fan of mixing patterns lately. strips and animal prints. bananas. 


i see best coast's album cover,
JUST last night, i was telling someone how glad i am that they told me about this band.
 i cant stop listening to them.
i even worked out to their album yesterday.
no joke.  

 they played an impromptu show in building 7, the other day...
"buidling 7 is home to some of the urban offices, and best coast had set up in the lobby to play a quick set just for us!" - fp julia

SUPADOPE for the wonderful world of fp.

 so yeh, my tummy flipped, as in the "reason why i ride roller-coasters" way -- knew i had to share this.
btw, best coast is touring at the moment, just sayin. 


Photos: Courtesy of freepeople

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