Monday, September 20, 2010

i mean... lets be real. creating different looks out of the clothes i already own is my favorite national pastime... pulling out different pieces trying to find my next great outfit. 
(when i was growing up all the little boys in my neighborhood would spend hours going through baseball cards, well... that was me too, except for the fact i was going through closet's. not only my own, but my mother's, my mother's best friend's, my aunts, my grandma's, my sister's and saving the best for last, the vintage closet my mom kept in the attic) 
currently this activity consumes my thoughts ush' from 11pm til i lay me down to sleep. 
on the reg. 
anyway, this little campaign has inspired me to do some serious digging, which reminds me that i have so much dry cleaning to pick up...always...ugh. ha. 


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