Thursday, September 9, 2010

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if you dont know already,
 please check out how amazeballz TAVI is...  did this great piece on Tavi's top ten fashion moments from the last decade. 
 Her number one fashion moment of the last decade is: 

2009: Alexander McQueen Spring 2010
"Everyone remembers where they were when they first saw Alexander McQueen's Spring 2010 collection. I had snuck up to the school library at lunch for the live stream, biting my lip to keep from vocalizing my excitement and getting kicked out. I watched as an army of underwater visitors with eerie symmetry and silver skin marched along the runway, and I knew it for sure: This man came from a world filled with all different kinds of excitement, pain, truths, and fantasies that none of us could begin to understand. This show woke everyone up, acting both as a reminder of why we all love fashion in the first place and as a gateway into a new age of creativity. Projected onto the back wall of the stage was a video of the runway at that exact moment, creating a tunnel of infinite possibilities, and the visitors from Atlantis were welcoming us." 

i mean... she couldn't be more right, 
its like when my mom talks about how she remembers, exactly where she was, when President Kennedy was shot. 

anyway, also dying over her comments on this photo:

2003: Natalia Vodianova in Alexander McQueen, Photographed by Peter Lindbergh for Harper's Bazaar
"Peter Lindbergh's photo of Natalia Vodianova in Alexander McQueen's Oyster dress for Harper's Bazaar is the rare kind that makes you forget it was planned out and staged—it all looks so natural. The dress alone is iconic, but the photo gives more of a story to the frayed and windswept layers, which appear to have collected on Vodianova's body over a long period of time, as though the way they all align and happen to mold a corset so perfectly were fate. The water is treacherous, and she's by herself, possibly shipwrecked, and the dress looks so delicate that you'd think that at every moment pieces of it were being carried off by the wind and getting lost in the sea. You might guess that eventually she will, too. She almost seems to be waiting for it." 

Word Tavi.

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