Thursday, March 3, 2011


"Don't let cream blush or tints scare you off: Their sheer coverage and easy, blot-on fingertip application make them the perfect options for those prone to beauty corner-cutting (basically all of us). La Prairie's makeup artist, Raychel Wade, gives us the how-to: "Cream blush gives you a fresh and dewy glow, and is perfect if your skin tends to be on the dry side. To apply, smile and lightly focus the blush onto the apples of your cheeks (directly under your eyes) while smiling. Then blend softly back and up toward the hairline. If you apply too liberally, don't start rubbing. Instead, use a sheer, luminizing powder to diffuse excess color. The blush then looks like it came from within the skin versus sitting on top of it."

I am so pleased to read this. I am a true believer in blush. 
Not Bronzer with shimmer, that takes an entirely different technique and should only be worn when tan, (but when your tan, your best look is no makeup, hence, bronzer with shimmer can be used sparingly on your body for very special events, where you may be photographed, on high-fashion model's strutting down the catwalk in couture designer shows, or for most of us, costume parties...otherwise, you don't "look good", you just look like you have bronzer on, or even worse, glitter... not cute.)
(note: Do not get this confused with matte bronzer, I'm referring to bronzer that has specks of glitter or sparkley's/shimmer in it.)
 We've come along way from our grandmother's rouge, basic red, baby doll pink, or ehhh!...
do I dare say PEACH! 
There are so many ways to highlight your bone structure, and compliment your skin tone, remember this is main idea. Anyone can put blush on, but you want the blush to enhance your your face and cheek bones. First, I suggest, figuring out what face shape or cheekbone structure you have. Then, get the softest brush, not XL, or compact size, but somewhere in the middle. Your skin is delicate, be gentle with it.  I recommend, Bobbi Brown's line. Next, figure out what underlying skin tone you have, if have a yellow skin tone, go with a color that has blue or purple undertones (realize that the undertone colors i'm referring to are subtle, you wont be able to find blue blush, unless your on set, playing an avatar.) If you have a red or pink undertone, go with a color that has green undertones, if you have an olive skin tone, a red or pink will compliment you just fine. If your just plain pasty white, go with a blush that has a taupe or brown undertone.
The blush color, you're sweeping UP, (always sweep up towards your hairline), should look as if it came from within your skin, not as if your 6 yrs old, playing with mommy's makeup. That's why a blush with a complimenting color relative to your skin tone, creates the perfect balance.
 Take a sec to notice, in the picture below, the model's blush on the left side. She has a very light complexion, and not one solid undertone. Her blush is not pink, red, plum, or perrywinkle,  but an amber, which has a taupe or brown undertone to it, completely radiant, no? AND notice how she is the only one without SHIMMER all over her face! The other two beauties do because, A) their skin tone can take it, and B) they are HIGH-FASHION-RUNWAY MODELS- ok. 

Save the shimmer and glitter for your nails...

"As long as nail polish brands keep coming out with glitter polishes, we'll keep hooking our nails up with some sparkle. But while we love look of a gem-encrusted mani or pedi, getting that textured, gritty stuff off our nails is pain—literally. Thankfully, we bumped into celebrity manicurist Deborah Lippmann backstage at Narciso Rodriguez during Fashion Week (she custom blended a blue-gray polish for the show), and she gave us the inside scoop on de-glittering your nails in 4 easy steps:
Step 1: Saturate cotton with acetone or polish remover (a remover with acetone works best). Step 2: Place the cotton on the nail and wrap each finger in aluminum foil. Press down. Step 3: Leave on for 5 minutes. Step 4: Pull the foil off and your glitter polish will glide off, too!"

Hail, Hail! Aluminum foil, so annoying when some flakes of glitter get stuck around your cuticle... 

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