Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Jean-Paul Gaultier, Marc Jacobs, Gucci, some others... and the Musicians Who Inspired Them

Jean-Paul Gaultier and Joan Jett
"For three decades, Jean-Paul Gaultier has been known for his creative iconoclasm, costuming music’s most famous provocateurs, from Madonna to Marilyn Manson. So it’s not at all surprising that, for his Spring 2011 collection, Gaultier found inspiration in music’s baddest girl of all — Joan Jett. The collection featured leather, fishnets, shredded fabric, and denim, styled to recall Jett’s tough, androgynous look. As a further tribute (and fuck-you to the fashion establishment), Gaultier put plus-size Gossip frontwoman Beth Ditto on the runway as a model. Call us crazy, but we also spot a bit of 
Ziggy Stardust influence in the mix, too."

Gucci and David Bowie
"Speaking of Bowie, he’s been a touchstone for designers ever since the early ’70s, when he walked around in garments he dubbed “man’s dresses” and then traded in his long, hippie locks for Ziggy Stardust’s otherworldly red shag. One of the most high-profile designers to name him as a muse is Gucci’s Frida Giannini, who paid Bowie tribute in her Fall 2006 collection. “I was thinking of David Bowie and the way people played with their image to be something different every time they went out in the seventies,” she told 
Style.com. “It’s less romantic and more about energy and showing off.” We could definitely see Ziggy in that gold suit."

Marc Jacobs and Donna Summer
"Marc Jacobs has always had a give-and-take relationship with music and pop culture. In fact, the top designer made his name back in 1992, when he premiered a 
revolutionary “grunge” collection for Perry Ellis. Jacobs’s Spring/Summer 2011 line drew inspiration from a different kind of musician, disco queen Donna Summer. The designs were bright, fringed, and voluminous (even when skimpy) — perfect for a diva to wear out dancing."

These were my picks of the lot. Take a look at other designers musician's of influence here.
Is it just me, or is music and fashion just one big ball of mushion? or fasic? Ha, I obviously, put mashed music and fashion together, but upon further curiosity google searches, It appears that mashion has actually be added to the urban dictionary as a fantasy word for butt. ummm?!?!, ok... However, the word fasic, is an actual acronym; Function and Algorithm Specific Integrated Circuit. 
Very interesting, more than a coincidence? 
Fashion and music are definitely one of the most integrated circuits of our time. They are functions of one another, no doubt.

Photos courtesy of: flavorwire.com

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