Wednesday, March 9, 2011




"adult swim.

Onia is men¹s beachwear - redefined. Destined to be a classic, Onia is both timeless and sophisticated  just like the man who wears it. Designed for the beach, the boat, the bungalow and beyond, Onia keeps cool while the sun is hot. Regardless of the temperature, your chill factor is less than zero.

Join the oasis."

Glady. Something about the way the waistband on these 8" Amaury Board shorts, hit his hips. Classic. I'm partial to the red ones.  

and Yes...Men, it is definitely time to start working on that beach-bod-abdominal-muscle-indentation-by-your-hips-space-for-my-finger-to-easily-fit-right-under-your-waistband-wash-board-stomach-look. 

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