Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Yvette Quiazon, whY-Q, Inc.

Do you think there are any rules to dressing in your 40s? 
"I think at any age you need to work with what you have. I also think you can work on what you have. This means staying healthy and taking good care of yourself inside and out. I have seen plenty of 20-year-old women looking atrocious in a mini-skirt and plenty of 60-year-old women looking chic and fabulous in a mini-skirt. There somehow seems to be age dressing rules, but instead I think there should be three body-dressing rules for women of all ages. Rule one: Use a good mirror. Rule two: Have common sense. Rule three: If you don't feel good in it, you won’t look good." 

Do you have any pieces in your wardrobe you'll never stop wearing, no matter how old you are? 
"Everything is fair game until it starts breaking the above three rules." 

What are some favorite pieces in your closet right now?
"Balenciaga leather pants, a perfectly floppy vintage patchwork suede hat I scored at the Rose Bowl flea market, a black chain-mail Isabel Marant necklace, and Margiela gray-oiled pumps. The new favorite about to go on high rotation is my new Burberry Gabardine Biker Trench. Thank you Teddy, you just won husband of the year for that Valentines Day gift!" 

What's the one amazing thing you've learned about yourself through fashion and style at your age?
"My philosophy is always to focus on CPW or cost per wear and what you love. I think pretty carefully about what I buy, so I spend on what I will really enjoy and use." 

What's the best thing about being in your 40s? 
"If I were to sum it up it for those not yet 40, for me it would be knowing who you are, knowing what you want, and having all the tools to head straight for it."


As the refinery29 addict that I am...checking it daily, it's hard not to just repost most things I come across. 
However, these last two post were just too good not to share. 
I hope you like Yvette Quiazon's advice as much as I did, which I blew up and bolded for your easy finding, with that read,  

and realize that your thoughts, opinions, feelings and emotions are just as important and valuable as anyone else's.   
NEVER be afraid to show and tell the entire world, or just your's, who you are. 

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