Tuesday, July 12, 2011

What to wear to a fancy schmancy event in the middle of July...

No one can deny how great chartreuse looks on Kerry's skin tone. However, I do agree with  For all of us who probably are scrambling to find two hours to get in the sun, try going for a deeper green color, like the color of Keira Knightly's two piece top and skirt she wore in Atonement. 

If you go for Keira's look, try pairing the style with vintage accessories, like this uniquely stunning Steampunk Bracelet Cuff,  infact, it was the motivation for this entire post. Be cautious when creating your inspired look. Be mindful of how you interpret your inspiration, be SURE to change your accessories accordingly. 

Gold statement pieces, classic hair,  simple green drapped silk. Simply classic. 
If your event involves dinner, complete the vintage look with  Christian Louboutin Brocade Low Heel Pumps... 

If you're event happens to be during the day go strappy and simple. Most likely it will be warm, and giving your toes the ability to breathe will keep the sweat from beading up on your brow. 

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