Thursday, December 15, 2011

Ahiyla: A narrative between London, Kashmir and...

A narrative between London, Kashmir and the rest of the World…

Due to the delicate nature of these beautiful cashmere, silk and fur scarves;
 PLEASE take time to understnad the wear, care and repair. 

timeless wear


Ahilya scarves, capes and draped shapes acquire an individual lustre with age by becoming softer and acquiring an eternal quality worth treasuring.

To ensure you get this optimum length of wear from your ahilya piece, we recommend handling with tender care, avoiding direct contact with jewellery and sharp objects that might cause damage.

Store your ahilya piece in a zip-lock or a garment bag. Deep-freeze your piece in a sealed plastic bag for a week to kill off any moth eggs and pests. This method doesn’t damage the fibres and there is no residue of chemicals.

Colour transfer may occur when ahilya ombrés are worn with light-coloured garments.

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